Just what do we know about the much-discussed ‘White Van Man’?

Here are some the facts & stats!

• There are 2.5 million white vans in the UK? That is 1 White Van to every 24 members of the UK population.

• Where are the most White Van drivers? 1st – Essex; 2nd – Kent; 3rd Lancashire.

• The term “White Van Man” was first coined by Sarah Kennedy on BBC Radio 2 back in 1997.

• The average distance driven in a year by a White Van Man is 9,426 miles. That’s the equivalent of driving the length of the country almost 13 and a half times!

• £1,026 is the average value of contents in every van, so ensure your vehicle is well secured.

• White Van drivers are a careful bunch: 68% of drivers have no insurance claims!